5 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

June 5, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog
5 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings Educational Article

Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we’re delighted to present our unique collection of 5-carat diamond engagement rings. All our rings from this category feature a central diamond of at least 5 carats. If you plan on buying an engagement ring of this type for your girlfriend, this is unquestionably an important investment worth considering and researching. 

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  • Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Yale Ring Top View
    Yale Ring
  • 4ct Antique Diamond Ring Beckton Ring Top View
    Beckton Ring. Circa 1930 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Edwardian 5.03ct Old European Diamond Ring - Hampshire Ring 14617 TV
    Hampshire Ring. Circa 1910 (Antique, Edwardian Era)
  • 4.22ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Devon Ring 14035 TV
    Devon Ring
  • 4.26ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Bauer Ring 14239 TV
    Bauer Ring
  • 4.25ct Old European Cut Engagement Ring - Dutchess Ring 14034 TV
    Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)
  • 5.91ct Old European Diamond Emerald Halo Ring - Hudson Ring 13416 TV
    Hudson Ring
  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Bellmore Ring 25358 TV
    Bellmore Ring
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  • 5.81ct Old European cut diamond ring Haydon Ring Top View
    Haydon Ring. Circa 1920
  • 5.03 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Ring - Crawford Ring 13798 TV
    Crawford Ring
  • Diamond Sapphire Geometric Starburst Halo Ring - Shaftsbury Ring 13719 TV
    Shaftsbury Ring
  • Old European Cut Diamond Ring Top View Golders Green Ring
    Golders Green Ring
  • 5.09 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Baywood Ring Top View
    Baywood Ring
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  • Platinum 5.21ct Old European Diamond Solitaire Ring - Hemingway Ring
    Hemingway Ring. Circa 1925
  • 5.31 Carat Emerald Cut Handcrafted Platinum Engagement Ring Baguette Diamond - Madrid Ring
    Sea Cliff Ring
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  • 5.02 Carat Asscher Cut Baguette Engagement Ring - Classique Ring
    Classique Ring
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  • 5.87 Carat Rose-Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Norristown Ring 13073
    Norristown Ring
  • 13025 Antique Asscher-Cut Diamond and Sapphire Halo Hadden Ring
    Haddon Ring
  • Creston Ring Top View
    Creston Ring
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  • 6 carat Asscher cut ring Genesee Ring Top View
    Genesee Ring
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  • Salamanca 5.03ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring TV
    Salamanca Ring
  • Trim Ring Top View
    Castlebar Ring
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  • Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring - Park Plaza Ring SB1055 TV
    Park Plaza Ring. Circa 1960
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  • Estate 5.44 Carat Ring
    Cheverny Ring
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  • 5.19ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Waterford Ring 14672 TV
    Waterford Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)
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  • 5.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - York Ring 609SB TV
    The York Ring
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  • 5.01ct Elongated Antique Cushion Cut Ring - Ellsworth Ring 608SB TV
    Ellsworth Ring
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  • Garland Ring 607SB-TV-1000PX old European cut diamond ring
    Garland Ring
  • Athens ring old European cut diamond ring 14608-TV-1000PX
    Athens Ring
  • Platinum Three Stone Ring San Antonio Ring Top View
    San Antonio Ring
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  • 4.91ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Robinson Ring 14411 TV
    Robinson Ring
  • 4.25ct Old European Cut Engagement Ring - Dutchess Ring 14034 TV
    Dutchess Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)
  • 5.49ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Tropea Ring 14027 TV
    Tropea Ring
  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring - Cassel Ring JR761 TV
    Cassel Ring
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  • 4.37ct Old European Cut Diamond Halo Ring - Shoreham Ring 13813 TV
    Shoreham Ring
  • Diamond and Sapphire Halo Ring Orford Ring 13805
    Orford Ring
  • Old European Cut Diamond Ring Top View Golders Green Ring
    Golders Green Ring
  • 7.55 Carat Diamond Ring Rockford Ring Top View
    Rockford Ring
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  • 5.05 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Sanremo Ring Top View
    Sanremo Ring
  • 5.09 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Baywood Ring Top View
    Baywood Ring
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  • 5.78ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring Ottsville Ring
    Ottsville Ring
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  • 4.30 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring with Onyx Halo 13423 TV
    Kent Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Platinum 5.21ct Old European Diamond Solitaire Ring - Hemingway Ring
    Hemingway Ring. Circa 1925
  • 5.92 Carat Tiffany Diamond Ring Top View
    5.92ct Tiffany Diamond Ring
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  • 4.20 Carat Ring Top View
    Sherbrooke Ring
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  • Earling Ring Top View
    Earling Ring
  • 5.19ct Old European Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Top View 13483_TV
    Yorkville Ring
  • 5.09ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SPK101
    Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

How Big Is a 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring? 

How Big Is a 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Article

A 5.00 carat round diamond will have a width of approximately 11.1mm. However, you should keep in mind that diamond size can vary depending on different diamond cuts. 

Below is a table showing the table surface size by diamond shape: 

Diamond cut Dimensions Face-up size (in square mm) 
Oval cut 13.99mm x 9.25mm x 5.64mm 10,530 
Round brilliant cut 11.11 mm x 11.11mm x 6.7mm 9,695 
Emerald cut 11.42mm x 8.46mm x 5.5mm 9,180 
Cushion cut 9.96mm x 9.96mm x 6.37mm 8,930 
Pear cut 15.45mm x 9.32mm x 5.69mm 10,525 
Marquise cut 17.76mm x 8.88mm x 5.52mm 11,195 
Asscher cut 9.6mm x 9.6mm x 6.24mm 8,480 

As you can see, all of these diamonds are around 1cm in length. Therefore, they might take up around 80% of your finger. If you decide to add side diamonds, the size will only get bigger. Hence, we don’t recommend adding more details to diamonds of this size. 

Here’s a video of what a 5.02 carat diamond halo ring looks like on a finger and how big it will look:

How Much Does a 5 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

How Much Does a 5 Carat Diamond Ring Cost Blog Article

So what are some factors that determine a diamond ring’s price? Most importantly, industry experts will evaluate each of the 4Cs and set the price according to those properties. Thus, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) defines the 4C’s as clarity, cut, color and carat. 

The table below shows the market prices for a 5.00 carat diamond. Considering the rarity of 5 carat diamonds, the actual price can vary. Also, the price will be higher if the diamond weight is larger. 

Note that the prices in this chart are for a 5.00-carat diamond. Therefore, a 5.50-carat would cost much more. 

These prices are for a round cut diamond (for a 5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring). Other shapes will have different prices. 

Color Range SI1 Clarity VS1 Clarity IF Clarity 
K Color $66,850 $78,790 $95,500 
J Color $81,430 $102,985 $124,540 
I Color $93,335 $132,580 $163,360 
H Color $109,365 $166,425 $211,600 
G Color $132,860 $211,155 $268,095 
F Color $148,525 $211,155 $325,335 
E Color $163,875 $285,000 $375,250 
D Color $176,305 $319,255 $450,000 

As you can see, two very similar diamonds can have very different prices. 

For example, a 1 carat, J color, VS2 clarity ring might cost around $5,700. Then, a two-carat ring with the same properties will cost around $17,000. As the carat size increases, while other properties remain the same, the price goes up. So if you opt for, say, a 6-carat ring with the same properties (J color, VS2 clarity), be ready to cash out around $129,000. 

Choosing the Perfect 5 Carat Diamond Ring

Choosing the Perfect 5 Carat Diamond Ring Blog Article
One of the 5 carat diamond engagement ring from our collection

Choose your 5 carat diamond ring according to the 4C’s: 

  • Clarity: VS2 is the perfect clarity grade for a 5 carat diamond ring. This is because it gives your ring the appearance of an eye-clean diamond, meaning there will be no visible imperfections when looking at it from the side. 
  • Color: The best color for a 5 carat diamond is G. However, if you prefer yellow or brown shades, you can go for the H grade. 
  • Cut: Choosing a diamond cut should be your priority, no matter the carat weight. This is what influences the ring’s aesthetics the most. It also determines the price. You can read about different 5 carat diamond cuts further down in the article. 

5 Carat vs. 5 Karat 

5 Carat vs. 5 Karat Explanation Blog Educational Article

Before you start your engagement ring research, you should first learn about some basic terms that you can’t go without. You’ve probably heard about the word “carat” before. But are you sure you know its meaning? 

There’s a carat and there’s a karat. The first one tells you about the diamond’s weight. For example, one carat weighs 200 milligrams. Therefore, a 5 carat ring will weigh 1 gram. 

But if you’ve shopped for gold before, you might have heard the word “karat” quite often. However, this term has nothing to do with diamonds nor weight. A karat is a unit that measures gold purity. So pure gold will have 24 karats. On the other hand, impure gold mixed with 25% alloys is 18 karat. 

5 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 5 Total Carat Weight (TCW)

5 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 5 Total Carat Weight (TCW) Explination

Another thing to keep in mind is the difference between the CW and TCW. Thus, your central diamond’s carat weight will be marked as CW. And the weight of all diamonds in the ring (side or halo diamonds) is marked as TCW. 

Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we list our rings’ carat weight based ONLY on the central diamond

So if you have a ring that is listed as 5.14ct, for example, this weight will only attribute to the center diamond, and there may be another 0.50 carats (or more) of side diamonds.

5 Carat Diamond Shape and Cuts

Below is a breakdown of the popular 5-carat diamond cuts and shapes.

5 Carat Oval Cut Diamond

5 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Blog Article

The oval cut has been one of the most popular diamond shapes in the past few years. This might be due to the fact that oval rings appear larger in size than other shapes. Also, they look flattering due to the increased length of the stone. However, its larger size may reveal a few inclusions you wouldn’t be able to see in some other shapes. For the same reason, we recommend staying in the colorless range when choosing your stone’s hue. 

5 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

5 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Article

If you’re dreaming of the perfect diamond engagement ring, the round brilliant cut is the way to go. Nothing can match the perfection of the only cut that can get a perfect Triple Excellent Cut Grade rating. 

When it comes to the hue, this diamond cut does a great job masking colors because of its specific spectral light refraction. So it will refract spectral colors. For example, you won’t notice an H as much as you would on an oval cut diamond. Finally, our recommendation for a round brilliant cut is an F. However, you can go for G, H, or I as well. 

When it comes to clarity, it’s best to stay in the VS1 or VS2 range. The brilliant facets on round brilliant cut rings do a fantastic job at hiding inclusions. So you’ll hardly notice any from SI1 and above. 

Important Note: Five-carat round moissanites were trending a few seasons ago. Our personal opinion is that they are a very bad idea. If your budget is lower than a 5 carat diamond, that’s fine; just go for a lower-priced diamond. But moissanite, like the lab-grown diamond, is a massive scam (to such a degree that no reputable jewelers will be willing to buy them back at even 90% off the original cost.)

5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Article

Emerald diamond cuts are one of the most elegant cuts out there. Since it doesn’t have brilliant facets that hide inclusions, it’s also called “The Honest Cut.” When it comes to color, stay in the VS1 or VS2 clarity range. Also, inclusions tend to magnify with this cut, so spending a few extra dollars on clarity is more than worth it. 

Additionally, these diamonds can mask color pretty well. An H will look more like a G, while an F will be more similar to an E color. So just like with the oval cut, it’s best to stay in the colorless range. 

The five-carat diamond solitaire emerald cut engagement ring is the go-to style for celebrities and actresses.

5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Article

Cushion-cut diamonds have a long history and therefore come with a classic appeal. In addition, its rivals can’t even come close to its rounded edges. This is a perfect cut if you are all about shiny and light reflections coming from your diamond. Also, a 5 carat cushion cut diamond will be a great choice as these cuts lack face-up size compared to other shapes. So a 5 carat will do a great job at hiding this downside. 

In recent years, cushion-cut only appears to be more and more in demand. However, be careful when choosing your 5 carat cushion cut diamond. You should figure out whether your girlfriend would rather go for a square or elongated cushion. The latter can appear larger in size. This is important because another thing to consider when choosing these rings is the weight distribution. A bigger portion of the diamond is on the bottom, so your stone might look smaller. 

When it comes to color, we highly recommend anything between F and G. You could also go for H, but you should ask for professional assistance when choosing the color. 

5 Carat Pear and Marquise Cut

5 Carat Pear and Marquise Cut Engagement Ring Article

Just like the cushion cut, pear and marquise also have an elongated shape. However, your ring should be sourced by a professional here, as these cuts can vary in shape drastically. Some might be too wide, others too pointy. Undoubtedly, you want your 5 carat to be perfect, so better ask for assistance if you decide on buying a ring of this cut. 

Marquise and pear cuts also do a fantastic job at hiding inclusions. When it comes to color, we recommend staying around F and G. Your diamond color will show starting from H downwards. 

Understanding 5 Carat Vintage Rings 

5ct diamond engagement ring
A Vintage 5 Carat Engagement Ring from our Vintage Engagement Ring Collection.

Finding a 5 carat diamond ring is a bit like winning the lottery. Or finding a needle in a haystack. This is because 5 carat diamonds are extremely rare. The more their size increases, the rarer they become. That’s one of the reasons why these diamonds have a hefty price tag. To make things even more unique, you can choose a vintage 5 carat engagement ring. 

Understanding 5 Carat Vintage Rings Quote Educational Article

It’s obvious that today, with the rise of modern technologies, diamond shapes are much clearer and more precise. Even though all diamonds are precious and extremely valuable, modern diamonds simply lack authenticity. It’s true that, at first sight, there’s not much difference, but on close inspection, you can clearly tell a modern ring apart from a vintage one. Handcrafting diamond rings gives your jewelry piece a unique appeal. 

Also, the cut of your vintage ring maximizes the light reflecting properties. Antique rings make use of light to the highest degree possible. 

You can have a look at our vintage engagement ring collection here

How to Buy a 5 Carat Diamond Ring? 

How to Buy a 5 Carat Diamond Ring Article

You’ve made a big decision by opting for a 5 carat diamond ring. Since this is a lifetime purchase that sure comes with a price tag, it’s important to do it right. Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we have been producing 5 carat diamond rings for more than 35 years. That’s why we highly recommend following our advice before you start your treasure hunt. 

Our Advice: 

  • Get to know your retailer. Fortunately, with widespread information on the internet, it’s never been easier to see who you’re dealing with. Look for Google reviews, and search Reddit or Yelp threads featuring the retailer you’ve got your eye on. 
  • Make sure your ring has proper documentation and certificates. So after having a look at your ring, make sure to scan its documentation. Ideally, your ring should have a GIA or UGL certificate. 
  • Get insurance for your ring. Imagine losing your 5-carat treasure, or even worse, having someone steal it. Therefore, your best option would be to speak to an insurance company to get the ring covered. You should buy engagement ring insurance on all jewelry pieces that are over $1,000. 
  • The more you know about your diamond, the better. Get familiar with all the physical characteristics starting from the 4C’s. Once you know the ins and outs of a specific 5-carat diamond, its purchase will be much easier. 
  • Ask about the ring’s origin. You want to make sure the ring you’re looking at doesn’t have a conflict diamond, meaning it comes from a conflict zone. This is surely an important thing to consider from an ethical point of view. 

We’re happy to provide you with the necessary details about any vintage ring from our collection. Just send us a message, and we will do our best to answer all your inquiries. 

You can reach us directly at (212) 265-3868. On the other hand, if you prefer written communication, you can fill out the form below.

Handcraft a Custom 5 Carat Diamond Ring 

Handcraft a Custom 5 Carat Diamond Ring Educational Article

Maybe you’re looking for a custom 5 carat diamond ring? Say no more! 

We’ll be delighted to make a ring according to your preferences. Our expert jewelers have been manufacturing engagement rings for more than 30 years. We don’t use machines or lasers in the production of our rings. So each ring from our collection is handcrafted with the use of techniques from the Art Deco era’s great jewelry makers. 

Here’s what the procedure will look like: 

  • Firstly, you’ll tell us what you’d like your ideal 5 carat diamond ring to look like. You can also send us some pictures. 
  • Secondly, we will send you an estimated price, potentially with multiple options. 
  • Then, we start handcrafting the ring. 
  • Finally, we place the diamond on your ring. 

Talk to Our Diamond Experts

Talk to Our Diamond Expert Contact Us Article

Do you have any questions about diamonds or engagement rings? Feel free to drop us a message.

We will respond within one business hour.