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In the swiftly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to Cloud Solutions to stay ahead. Our expertise spans leading Cloud Hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, enabling us to offer a spectrum of both cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions. This versatility aids in effectively migrating and modernizing your existing ecosystems. We adopt a holistic approach encompassing DevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, IoT and FinOps effortlessly aligning you with global cloud practices while reducing manual intervention.

Cloud practices are ingrained in our DNA, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of industries including Healthcare, Media, Telecommunications, Automotive, Banking, and ISVs. Our strength lies in our distinctive blend of Digital Product Engineering and cloud proficiency. We offer a suite of reusable accelerators and solutions designed to enhance our collaborations, resulting in significant cost and time efficiencies.

Our mission is to revolutionize modern enterprise operations through the use of automated pipelines and optimized cloud infrastructure. This approach has consistently delivered a reduction in costs by 30-50%, underscoring our commitment to driving value and efficiency in every engagement.

Service Offerings

Cloud and DevOps Services

Our services facilitate seamless cloud migration, modernization of legacy systems, and accelerated software deployment cycles, while ensuring continuous operational excellence and support.

Cloud Migration

Craft the blueprint for your data-driven success with our comprehensive data strategy and architecture services, ensuring optimal data flow and alignment with your business objectives.


Future-proof your business with our modernization services, transforming legacy systems into agile, scalable solutions that drive innovation and growth.

DevOps & DevSecOps

Integrate and accelerate your software development lifecycle with our DevOps and DevSecOps services, enhancing collaboration, security, and speed in delivering high-quality software.

CloudOps (Support & Operations)

Maintain peak cloud performance with our CloudOps services, offering comprehensive support and operations management to ensure reliability, efficiency, & continuous optimization.


Elevate your financial cloud management with our FinOps services, optimizing costs, enforcing transparency, and aligning your cloud spending with business goals. Our solutions drive accountability, streamline resource allocation, and deliver tangible value in the cloud.


Empower your business with our IoT services, leveraging cutting-edge solutions for secure device connectivity, real-time data analytics, and actionable insights. Unleash the power of the Internet of Things to drive innovation and elevate operational efficiency.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

Enhancing Your Operational Efficiency and Resilience

Our Cloud & DevOps solutions are designed to provide unparalleled operational availability, scalability to meet dynamic business needs, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving market conditions, ensuring that your business is always a step ahead.

Be prepared for any contingency with our robust disaster recovery plans, ensuring your business maintains continuity and recovers rapidly from any unforeseen event, minimizing operational disruptions and data loss.

Accelerate your journey from concept to market with our streamlined Cloud & DevOps processes. Our approach reduces development and deployment times, enabling quicker launches and faster responses to market changes.

Our focus on quality assurance and engineering within our Cloud & DevOps services ensures the highest standards of operational excellence, driving reliability and optimizing performance across your business processes.

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Success Stories

Cloud to Cloud - Rackspace to Azure

Complete infrastructure was migrated to Azure Cloud

Infrastructure cost was reduced by 35%

Delivered HIPAA compliant and highly secured solution

Set up disaster recovery using Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Leveraged Azure offerings like application insights, provisioning of new resources within minutes

Implemented App gateway with WAF v2

Implemented DDoS protection, Defender and Sentinel for security enforcement along with RBAC and CMK

On-premise to AWS migration along with DevOps

Enhanced availability: With servers and databases operating in a multi-AZ setup.

Robust disaster preparedness: Implemented cross-region backups and rapid deployment through automation.

Optimal security measures: Implemented Orca security for vulnerability scanning, Guard Duty, Macie and Shield.

Cloud-agnostic, IoT & Predictive Analytics

Prevent fatigue-related accidents by assessing operators' capacity to stay awake.

Avert unforeseen equipment breakdowns, saving millions of dollars in emergency repair expenses

Robust availability to minimize avoidable outages and interruptions.

Save time in operations and handle more orders

Simplified remote product maintenance and administration

Cloud Enabled Products

Operational efficiency.

Scalability: The pipeline is configurable and scalable for integration of newer sources in the future.

Supporting 30k customers across 80 countries.

Knowledgebase creations with proper documentation.

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