Top 20 Most Famous Engagement Rings in Film

October 20, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Romantic movies can be a great source of inspiration for those getting married; girls may use them to get ideas for the perfect bridal dress, makeup, and other details, while men can learn a lot about creative ways to propose to their significant other.

To provide you with the same inspiration, we’ve chosen some of the most memorable proposal scenes, along with the top 20 most famous engagement rings in film and some similar options that you can purchase yourself. We hope this article will be both entertaining and useful and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. The Great Gatsby

Although we don’t get to see a proposal in the movie, it does contain one of the most memorable scenes featuring an engagement ring ever. Before we even see Daisy’s face, her shapely hand with a large stone appears in front of our eyes. Here’s a link if you wish to see that breathtaking scene one more time

Her engagement ring was made by Tiffany & Co., and it’s worth more than $3.9 million. With its geometric angles, the platinum ring could be considered modern for that period. Therefore, it’s still very attractive today and is an excellent choice for any stylish lady. With a ring like this, you certainly won’t fail to stand out.

If you like that ring, you may also like this stunning engagement ring. It’s one of those rare pieces that preserves the spirit of the twenties but also looks modern even today.

  • Platinum and Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Matera Ring 14605 TV
    Matera Ring
  • 1.07 carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring TV 12916
    Tuena Ring
  • 11749 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring TV
    Percy Ring

2. Gentleman Prefer Blondes

This movie didn’t only elevate Marilyn Monroe as an actress, but it also popularized a new ring shape. Marilyn was wearing a gorgeous pear-shaped diamond, one of the biggest diamonds to have ever appeared on screen at the time. We believe that this diamond inspired her to say the famous words: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

This ring still impresses everyone around the world, and you can learn more about it in this video. Since the movie was released, its worth has increased multiple times.  If you love Marilyn and her style, then you may like this fabulous ring that uses the film as a source of inspiration. It’s a perfect option for glamorous ladies who want to stand out!

  • Antique Edwardian Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring - Newry Ring 14817 TV
    Newry Ring. Circa 1905 (Antique, Edwardian Era)
  • Rose Cut Oval Diamond Ring Calabria Ring Top View
    Calabria Ring
  • Pear Shape Diamond Ring Shafton Ring Top View
    Shafton Ring

3. High Society

In this movie, Grace Kelly looks charming as always, but what makes the movie even more special is the fact that she’s wearing her own engagement ring. She took this role right after her engagement to Prince Rainier, and she didn’t want to take off the ring. The producers didn’t object as it was one of the most spectacular engagement rings imaginable.

The central stone is a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond, and it stands on a platinum band. In today’s market, it would be worth around $3 million! That makes it one of the most expensive rings ever. Thankfully, there are some more affordable alternatives, such as this vintage ring that resembles Grace’s style.

  • GIA-Certified 0.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Hamilton Ring 14825 TV
    Hamilton Ring
  • 5.05 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Sanremo Ring Top View
    Sanremo Ring
  • Emerald Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring - Berkshire Ring
    Berkshire Ring

4. The Notebook

Our favorite love story doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the proposal. We can’t say what we liked more: the romantic scene, the beautiful ring, or a silver box, custom-made for the ring. In regards to the ring itself, it features an impressive emerald-cut diamond, with diamond clusters on each side.

It fits perfectly with the twenties, the period to which it belongs, but we believe it has universal appeal. You can never go wrong with a bright emerald-cut diamond ring. If you liked the movie as much as we did, you’ll no doubt love this ring as well. What’s more, the idea of a silver box is also fantastic, so make sure to check it out as well.

  • Signed Bulgari GIA Certified 5.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring HER602 TV
    Emerald Cut Bulgari Ring
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  • Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Basswood Ring
    Basswood Ring
  • 2ct Diamond Burbank Engagement Ring TV HER145
    Burbank Ring
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5. Sex and the City: The Movie

Who could forget the scene when Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with a black diamond ring? Carrie wasn’t any less surprised than we were, but he went on to explain that he wanted to find a ring as unique as she was. A simple diamond ring wasn’t nearly good enough for the occasion. Well done, Mr. Big!

The black ring may be an untraditional option, but it looks exquisite and glamorous. You don’t have to opt for an entirely black engagement ring, as he did. Today, there are various color combinations, and you can find more options than ever. If you fancy the idea of a diamond ring with some black in it, then check out this one. It’s an exciting combination of diamonds and black onyx.

  • 4.30 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring with Onyx Halo 13423 TV
    Kent Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Wharton Ring
    Wharton Ring
  • Estate 5.44 Carat Ring
    Cheverny Ring
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6. Miracle on 34th Street

No lady would be able to resist a beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring, right? At least, that’s what the producers of Miracle on 34th Street thought. And we certainly agree with them. The scene in which this luminous ring pops up from a simple red box left us speechless. We’re talking about the remake from 1994 here, but this is still one of the most popular engagement rings.

Emerald-cut diamonds are brighter and more luminous than others. If you want a symmetrical and magnificent engagement ring, just like the one from the movie, then you may like this stunning diamond ring. This ring would impress any woman.

  • Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring - Lansdale Ring HER607 TV
    Lansdale Ring
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  • Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Basswood Ring
    Basswood Ring
  • Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring - Park Plaza Ring SB1055 TV
    Park Plaza Ring. Circa 1960
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7. Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola didn’t want to leave anything to chance. She personally chose an engagement ring for Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of Marie Antoinette in this famous 2006 historical drama. This vintage heart-shaped diamond ring comes from the legendary emporium Fred Leighton in New York, who undoubtedly managed to capture the charm of this period.

For hopeless romantics, an engagement ring with heart-shaped details is always the right choice. Moreover, this shape never goes out of fashion. It’s as popular today as it was two centuries ago. If you want a ring that makes the wearer feel like royalty, then you may like this one, a gorgeous Old European-cut diamond, presented in a crown-style setting.

  • Cushion Cut 1.45ct Kashmir Sapphire Ring - Cedarmere Ring 14620 TV
    Cedarmere Ring (Kashmir)
  • 5.87 Carat Rose-Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring Norristown Ring 13073
    Norristown Ring
  • Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Wharton Ring
    Wharton Ring

8. Bride Wars

This movie is an endless inspiration for planning your wedding and proposal. Is there a more memorable proposal scene than when Anne Hathaway finds her ring in a fortune cookie? It’s all about perfect timing, and her boyfriend made sure to pop the question when she least expected it. An excellent lesson for all the guys out there!

But let’s get back to the ring in question; the 5-carat stunner from the office proposal scene. It’s a gorgeous Tiffany Novo cushion-cut diamond, a ring that would leave any lady speechless. What we love about this and similar models is that it’s an impressive size, but not too huge.

  • 5.19ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring - Waterford Ring 14672 TV
    Waterford Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)
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  • 5.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - York Ring 609SB TV
    The York Ring
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  • 5.01ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Bellmore Ring 25358 TV
    Bellmore Ring
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9. Fifty Shades Darker

In the legendary scene, Christian Grey invites Anastasia to go outside and proposes to her with one of the most magical rings ever. It’s a shiny oval-cut diamond that stands on a pavé band. The diamond looks exquisite, and the decorated band makes it stand out even more.

As they say, it’s all about details, and we think any woman would love such a ring and such a proposal. Thankfully, you don’t have to be Christian Grey to purchase a ring like this. There are a lot of options with pavé bands. Check out this beautiful ring for some inspiration.

  • 2.16ct Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Seymour Ring 14568 TV
    Seymour Ring
  • Platinum and Rose Cut Diamond Ring Columbus Ring 14566 Top View
    Columbus Ring
  • Oval Rose Cut Diamond Micropave Engagement Ring - Bel Air Ring 13870 TV
    Bel Air Ring

10. My Best Friend’s Wedding

We remember this movie as one of the best comedies of the late nineties, but also as a movie that introduced round engagement rings. Of course, they’ve been with us for a while, but after Cameron Diaz wore one, all women wanted to have a similar ring. It’s no wonder this became one of the most popular ring styles ever since.

Diaz’s ring was the inspiration for thousands of other rings, and there are many variations. That is to say, there are viable options for everybody, regardless of style preference. Whether you want something elegant and glamorous or modern and straightforward, you can find something appropriate. We think that this one resembles a famous movie ring rather well as it features a micro-pavé band as well as a round diamond.

  • Earling Ring Top View
    Earling Ring
  • 4.02 Carat Top View
    4.02 Carat Diamond Ring
  • 0.90ct Diamond Cluster Platinum Engagement Ring - Madrid Ring 14997 TV
    Madrid Ring

11. Titanic

Everyone knows about the famous Heart of the Ocean necklace, but did you notice Rose’s engagement ring? It’s no surprise this is one of the most luxurious rings we’ve ever seen because we’re talking about one of the wealthiest families of that period.

The ring dates somewhere between the late Edwardian Era and the early Art Deco Era. It has three stones: a main oval stone, followed by a smaller rock on each side. If you like the idea of having several substantial diamonds on the ring, then you may also like this three-stone bezel-set diamond ring. We think it’s a nice change from the huge one-stone rings.

  • Old European Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring - Winchester Ring 14415 TV
    Winchester Ring
  • Antique Three Stone Ring Platinum and Diamonds Jefferson Ring Top View 14421
    Jefferson Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Antique Edwardian Three Stone Diamond Ring - Denton Ring 14270 TV
    Denton Ring. Circa 1905 (Antique, Edwardian Era)

12. The Young Victoria

Although it doesn’t look like a traditional engagement ring, it’s one of the most memorable movie rings. What we saw in the movie was a replica of a real royal engagement ring. We discovered that diamonds weren’t the most popular option back then. In fact, the royals preferred natural and floral motifs, which were considered symbols of love, prosperity, and good health.

Victoria’s engagement ring is golden and has a snake motif, a symbol of eternal love. If you like the style but don’t think such a motif would look appropriate now, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a fantastic yellow-gold ring with a lovely floral ruby halo.

  • Cushion and Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring - Leiria Ring 14508 TV
    Leiria Ring. Circa 1900 (Antique, Edwardian Era)
  • Vintage Diamond Cluster Floral Motif Ring - Chard Ring 14218 TV
    Chard Ring. Circa 1960 (Vintage)
  • Chester Ring Top View
    Chester Ring

13. Legally Blonde 2

If the engagement ring in this movie were anything but pink, we’d be very disappointed. It seems that Reese Witherspoon wanted to stay true to her role as she helped design this unique diamond ring. You can see her here showing off the ring proudly to her friends about 20 seconds in. She may have grown up and become more serious, but her style has never changed.

There’s no rule saying that engagement rings have to be in neutral colors. If pink is your favorite color, go with it! In fact, pink engagement rings can look very elegant, like this one. This particular ring trades the original’s platinum for yellow gold, while the triangular accent stones have been replaced with round diamonds found all along the shank.

  • Vintage Bulgari Tourmaline 18k Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring - 14740 TV
    Bulgari Tourmaline Ring. Circa 1980 (Vintage)
  • 1.11ct Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Ring - Winthrop Ring DYL52 TV
    Winthrop Ring
  • 1.20ct Pink Sapphire Sapphire Accents Ring - Covelo Ring 13932-TV-1000PX
    Covelo Ring

14. Leap Year

This movie features a traditional Irish engagement ring. In case you’re wondering what makes it so unique, it’s all about symbols; the heart represents love, while the hand is there as a sign of friendship. The Irish believe that there’s no real love without deep understanding and friendship. There’s also a crown as a sign of loyalty to each other.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for a traditional Irish ring, but it can be interesting to think about utilizing symbols in a similar way. You can choose any other symbol that has a special meaning for you and your loved one. Take a look at this ring with floral and leaf motifs as a reminder that there are many more options than a simple diamond ring.

  • Diamond and Yellow Gold Ring Gifford Ring Top View
    Gifford Ring. Circa 1970 (Vintage)
  • Antique French Ring Beaumont Ring Top View
    Beaumont Ring. Circa 1900 (Antique, Art Nouveau)
  • Oval Emerald and Sapphire Elongated Ring Scarab Ring
    Scarab Ring

15. Runaway Bride

If we say we want to talk about the engagement ring that Julia Roberts was wearing in Runaway Bride, you’d probably ask: Which one? That’s a good question since we see four engagement rings in the movie! Although all of them look gorgeous, we’d like to mention a rose-shaped engagement ring.

If you’re bored with standard, diamond rings, then a flower-shaped ring might be the best option for you! They look different, but they’re still elegant and lady-like. If you like the floral motif, just like Julia, then make sure to check out this engagement ring.

  • 12019 Cairns Engagement Ring TV
    Cairns Ring
  • Escan Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)
    Escan Ring. Circa 1890 (Antique, Victorian Era)
  • 1.39ct Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond Marquis Cut Halo Engagement Ring DYL42-TV-1000PX
    Miramichi Ring

16. Stepmom

Up next, the brilliant Julia Roberts makes the list once more. This movie teaches us that it’s not about the ring, but the way you propose. You don’t need a lot of money or an exotic location in order to make that moment memorable and unique. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch this scene to understand what we’re talking about.

However, the ring itself is also worth mentioning. It’s a simple silver ring with a fantastic diamond. It may not be as significant as some of the rings we’ve mentioned before. But it’s perfect if you want something you can wear during the day. Therefore, you may like something like this, which is both beautiful and practical.

  • 4.08ct Old European Cut Diamond Ring - Chatham Ring SB602 TV
    Chatham Ring. Circa 1950 (Vintage)
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  • 0.76ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Elm Park Ring Top View 13652_TV
    Elm Park Ring. Circa 1955 (Vintage, Retro Era)
  • Tiffany and Co Platinum and Diamond Ring Top View
    Tiffany Platinum Solitaire Ring

17. Crazy Rich Asians

When it comes to recent films, Crazy Rich Asians is the one with the most beautiful engagement ring. The piece in question features a prominent emerald, a mother’s gift to her son, so he can propose to his beloved. The girl fell in love with the ring as soon as she saw it, and you can take a look at the ring here. What we love most about this ring is its color.

Royal families love this deep, green color, as it looks so regal. If you want to feel like a queen, this may be the best choice. You can’t go wrong with an emerald engagement ring, as it makes every hand look elegant and sophisticated. If you loved the ring from the movie, then we’re sure you’ll love this one as well.

  • Platinum and Emerald Ring Greenwich ring Top view 14402
    Greenwich Ring
  • Emerald and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Costa Smerelda Ring 13901 TV
    Costa Smeralda Ring
  • Emerald and Baguette Cut Diamond Halo Ring Littleton Ring
    Littleton Ring

18. The Hangover

The Hangover may not be your idea of a romantic movie, but it features a truly beautiful engagement ring. And it happens to be a vintage ring as well. You may wonder how this ring plays into the story. Well, one of the main characters accidentally proposed using his grandmother’s precious ring. It’s a timeless square-cut diamond, and you can see it here.

This type of ring is universal and looks good on every woman, thanks to its elegance and simplicity. You may like this retro square-cut ring, dating back to the 1940s. However, rings like this are still very popular and appreciated.

  • old European cut diamond ring Blairstown ring 14711-TV-1000PX
    Blairstown Ring. Circa 1925 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Antique Art Deco Diamond Cocktail Ring - Berliner Ring 14227 TV
    Berliner Ring. Circa 1920 (Antique, Art Deco Era)
  • Antique Art Deco Era Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring 14013-TV-1000PX
    Bernex Ring. Circa 1925

19. Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine is a movie inspired by high society, and it’s perfect when it comes to the outfits and jewelry. Of course, the engagement ring had to be something special, so they opted for a large emerald-cut diamond. There are rumors that a special armed bodyguard was hired just to look after the jewelry.

Emerald-cut diamonds are always a great option, and they fit with every style. For example, take a look at this ring. Thankfully, today there are some more convenient options so you won’t need a bodyguard to protect your engagement ring.

  • GIA-Certified 0.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Midhust Ring 14831 TV
    Midhust Ring
  • Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Colborne ring Top View
    Colborne Ring
  • Callington Ring Top View
    Callington Ring
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20. The Time Traveler’s Wife

If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll know that everything about this love story was extraordinary. Therefore, it doesn’t feature just a simple diamond ring. If you want to see one of the most unusual proposals ever, then you can watch it here. Henry, in his typical manner, proposes to Claire, who’s still asleep, by putting a beautiful ring on her hand.

The engagement ring has a beautiful oval diamond, that’s turned horizontally instead of vertically, like on most rings. If you prefer your oval stone to be set vertically, then here’s a gorgeous ring that’s just as, if not more, stunning. Remember, even the smallest details can make you look unique.

  • 1.05ct Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring - Bellingham Ring 14158 TV
    Bellingham Ring
  • GIA Certified Oval Cut Diamond Ring - Shelburn Ring SPK103 TV
    Shelburn Ring
  • Salamanca 5.03ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring TV
    Salamanca Ring

Be Creative!

Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring With Unique Design

We hope you enjoyed our list of the most beautiful engagement rings from movies. As you can see, we’ve included not only expensive models but also some creative and unusual options. Our goal was to inspire you and give you a small taste of what is possible. Now you know you don’t have to settle for an ordinary engagement ring with so many options available!

The most important thing is creating a special moment for you and your partner; the ring is there just as a reminder of the love you share.