Top 20 Vintage Halo Engagement Rings

October 20, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

While solitaire engagement rings will always be timeless, halo-style engagement rings, specifically vintage halo engagement rings, are elegant and eye-catching. Halo engagement rings have been used since the early 20th century, and they continue to be a popular setting for future brides all over the world. Not only do they hide minor imperfections, but they also make the ring stand out and the center stone looks larger. 

Without further ado, here are our top 20 vintage halo engagement rings:

1. Glenview Ring

Platinum Ring With Round Center Diamond And Square Halo

Price: $39,000. Learn more about the Glenview Ring.

Starting off our list is the stunning Art Deco era Glenview Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, this exquisite piece features a 3.07-carat round old European-cut center diamond prong-set in a raised square bezel. Small single-cut diamonds comprise a lovely surrounding halo, while additional single-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. The total weight of the additional diamonds is approximately 0.59 carats.

2. Boucheron Ring

Round Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $20,000. Learn more about the Boucheron Ring.

Lovers of yellow gold should take the Boucheron ring into consideration. At the very center sits an exceedingly high-quality round 1.06-carat diamond with impressive E color and VVS1 clarity grades. Rather than attaching to the center stone, the diamond halo connects to the diamond from underneath. There are also additional diamonds along the ring’s shoulders.

This stunning vintage halo ring was made in the 1980s in France and was signed by Boucheron.

3. Carnegie Ring

Minimalistic Round Platinum Diamond Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Carnegie Ring.

For lovers of minimalist styles, the compact Carnegie Ring is sure to do the trick. Handcrafted circa 1925 during the Art Deco era, this French platinum ring features a subtle design comprised of a center diamond, a diamond halo, and no other elements.

The center stone is a 0.50-carat old European-cut diamond surrounded by 0.30 carats of additional diamonds. The overall color and clarity quality of the diamonds range from H to I and VS2 to SI1 respectively.

4. Rovigo Ring

Diamond Ring With Diamond Halo And Sapphire Accents

Price: $16,500. Learn more about the Rovigo Ring.

Up next, we have the intricately detailed Rovigo Ring featuring a diamond halo with sapphire accents. The GIA-certified center diamond is 1.64 carats and is set in a detailed square bezel. Surrounding the center stone is a diamond halo with triangular sapphire stones in each corner.

What’s more, this spectacular ring is covered in breathtaking ornamentation from head to toe. The shank features intricate hand engravings on all three outer sides and leads to milgrain-bordered fleur-de-lis shoulders. Additionally, fine milgrain emphasizes each of the stones. If you’re looking for something with a regal quality, then this is an excellent choice due to the shoulders and sapphire accents.

5. Milton Ring

Uniquely Shape Platinum Ring Featuring Diamond Halo

Price: $6,500. Learn more about the Milton Ring.

The gorgeous Milton Ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1930 and features a unique overall shape. The center diamond weighs approximately 0.92 carats, while the surrounding diamonds total approximately 0.30 carats. The true beauty of this ring is its unique shape- it is a subtle difference that helps make the piece stand out while retaining its elegance.

6. Kent Ring 

Buffed Black Onyx Halo Ring With White Center Diamond

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Kent Ring.

If you want a bold color contrast, then take a look at the Kent Ring. The center stone is a large 4.30-carat cushion-cut diamond. What makes it memorable is the buffed onyx rounded-square-shaped halo. Since this is such a big ring, it would look the best on wide or large fingers. It’s definitely the perfect vintage engagement ring with halo settings for those who want a minimal design with a striking color contrast.

7. Darfield Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring With Accent Diamonds And Diamond Halo

Price: $19,000. Learn more about the Darfield Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, the Art Deco era Darfield features a sparkling display surrounding a gorgeous old European-cut diamond.

The 2.08-carat center diamond is flanked by a baguette-cut diamond on each side, while a wide and dazzling halo forms a perimeter around it. The additional diamonds weigh approximately 0.51 carats. Finally, the split shoulder design and fine milgrain borders add to the beauty of this magnificent piece.

8. Ellington Ring

Large Ring Featuring Center Sapphire And Diamond Halo

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Ellington Ring.

Handcrafted circa 1950, the Ellington Ring is another bold statement vintage halo ring. Instead of a diamond, it features a lively 1.93-carat oval-cut natural sapphire for those who prefer colored gemstones. A halo of round brilliant cut diamonds surrounds the sapphire. This vintage halo ring would look best on larger fingers due to its size. The beautiful deep blue sapphire is sure to make her feel like royalty.

9. Metz Ring

Square Body White Gold Ring With Highly Visible Diamond

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Metz Ring.

If you want a ring that displays the center diamond perfectly, then you can’t go wrong with the Metz Ring.

The center stone is a large 1.42-carat old European-cut diamond, boasting an impressive E color rating, making it a colorless diamond. It would be a shame to have such a rare and precious stone covered up by the mounting; thankfully the Metz features unique raised prongs which leave nearly the entire stone visible.

Finally, the 18k white gold square body and the shoulders are set with additional small diamonds, totaling approximately 0.26 carats.

10. Charlton Ring

Square Ring Featuring Round Diamond And Black Onyx Halo

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Charlton Ring.

For a ring with a striking contrast of both color and shape, we recommend considering the Charlton. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this onyx and diamond ring is an excellent representative of the Art Deco era. The 1.50-carat white diamond is bezel-set in buffed black onyx; color contrasts don’t get any more extreme than black and white.

What’s more, the diamond itself is round while the surrounding onyx is square, thus adding yet another dimension of contrast. Finally, the shoulders of this striking piece add a touch of elegance with the openwork fleur-de-lis patterns.

11. Buccellati Ruby Ring

Yellow Gold Ruby Ring With White Gold Halo

Price: $29,000. Learn more about the Buccellati Ruby Ring

If you want something truly special, then check out the yellow gold Buccellati Ruby Ring. At the center sits a 3.38-carat ruby, with a unique halo surrounding it. Triangular clusters of white stones comprise the white gold openwork halo. This vintage halo ring is very rare as it comes from Italy circa 1950, and was signed by M. Buccellati. This large ring is certainly a masterpiece. 

12. Gifford Ring

Price: $50,000. Learn more about the Gifford Ring.

The mesmerizing Gifford Ring is perfect for those wanting a luxurious flair to their ring.

Handcrafted in yellow gold circa 1970, this French vintage beauty features a spectacular center diamond surrounded by a swirling halo of micro-pave round brilliant-cut diamonds. The center stone is 3.00 carats with K color and SI1 clarity, while the additional diamonds total 2.28 carats and range from J to K in color, with VS2 clarity overall.

13. Medford Ring 

Ring With Round Center Diamond And Square Diamond Halo

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Medford Ring.

Another vintage halo diamond engagement ring from the Art Deco period, the Medford features a square body, triangle shoulders, and a round center stone.

The 1.75-carat old European-cut center diamond is held in box prongs and emphasized by a halo of antique carre-cut diamonds. What’s more, the bold shoulders are adorned with antique trillion-cut diamonds as well as bordering old European-cut diamonds. The total diamond weight is approximately 4.29 carats.

Finally, the ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1935.

14. Chard Ring

Elongated Yellow Gold Ring With Floral Diamond Cluster

Price: $12,500. Learn more about the Chard Ring.

If you’re looking for a bold floral design, then the elongated Chard Ring is here to offer you an excellent option. This spectacular piece features a GIA-certified 1.00-carat center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. The prong-set center stone is surrounded by an eight-stone halo of old European-cut diamonds totaling approximately 2.60 carats. Finally, the 18k yellow gold ring was handcrafted in France circa 1960.

15. Curel Ring

Diamond Ring With Openwork Embellishments And Sapphire Halo

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Curel Ring.

For an unconventional halo design, check out the magnificent Curel Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this Art Deco era piece features a 2.24-carat old European-cut center diamond with K color and VS2 clarity. The diamond is elevated above a subtle halo of French-cut natural sapphires. Finally, the rounded shoulders, gallery, and shank are embellished with exciting openwork patterns that enhance the luxuriousness of this ring.

16. Exeter Ring

Price: $16,000. Learn more about the Exeter Ring.

Up next, the exquisite Exeter Ring is a dazzling dome-style piece from the Art Deco era, circa 1930. The center diamond is a 1.90-carat old European-cut stone with L color and VS1 clarity. The prong-set diamond is certainly a sight to behold in its own right however, a large part of this ring’s appeal stems from the intricately detailed mounting.

There is no visible part of this ring that is unembellished; from the gorgeous diamond-adorned bridge and shoulders to the detailed engravings found along the entire shank, this ring most definitely has that wow factor.

17. Foxborough Ring

Price: $28,000. Learn more about the Foxborough Ring.

The absolutely stunning navette Foxborough Ring features a unique shape with a splash of color to produce an elegant piece that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, this Art Deco piece features a 2.25-carat center diamond with I color and VS2 clarity. A navette-shaped diamond halo envelopes the round center diamond, while calibre natural emerald accents nestle between these diamond elements.

What’s more, additional diamonds adorn the shoulders, so there’s no lack of sparkle from a top-down view. Finally, the total diamond weight of the additional diamonds is approximately 0.35 carats

18. Foundry Ring

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Foundry Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1930, the French-made Foundry Ring features a bold take on the typical halo design.

The lovely 0.15-carat center stone is set in prongs within a square bezel, while trapezoidal sections flank the left and right. These flanking trapezoidal sections, along with elongated irregular hexagon sections above and below the center square, form a halo of diamonds.

Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders bringing the total diamond weight of the ring to approximately 0.56 with overall color and clarity grades of I and VS2-SI2 respectively.

19. Enola Ring 

Ruby Centered Platinum Ring With Floral Diamond Halo

Price: $14,500. Learn more about the Enola Ring.

For those who prefer colored gemstones, the Enola Ring features a natural cushion-cut ruby with a vibrant pink-red color. The ruby weighs 1.30 carats and is surrounded by round brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds, forming a semi-floral halo. Handcrafted in platinum, circa 1950, the floral design is thought to be inspired by the Edwardian era.

20. Montalegre Ring

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Montalegre Ring.

Wrapping up the list is the large and regal Montalegre Ring.

This is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring a stunning 13.54-carat center amethyst with a saturated purple color. The 18k yellow gold mounting is an excellent complement to the purple stone and develops a sense of royalty. Surrounding the entirety of the elevated mounting, we find columns of pave-set round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling approximately 3.60 carats.

This vintage halo ring comes from the 1970s. It would look best on someone with bigger fingers as it is quite large. 

5 Reasons Diamond Halo Rings Are Better Than Solitaire Rings 

If you can’t decide between solitaire and halo ring settings, here are five reasons why you may prefer a halo diamond engagement ring: 

1. Variety 

Engagement Ring With A Uniquely Shaped Diamond Halo

While solitaire engagement rings are usually prong-set, they more or less look the same. On the other hand, halo engagement rings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose between round, square, hexagon, octagon, and even floral-shaped halos. You can even combine a round-cut diamond and a square-shaped halo. 

2. Size 

Engagement Ring With Small Diamond Enhanced By Halo

If your budget restricts you to a smaller diamond, then a halo setting can help make the diamond appear bigger than it really is. Since most halos use smaller diamonds, not only do they make the center stone look bigger, but they also add more sparkle. 

3. Protection 

Emerald Halo Ring With Secure Center Diamond

One of the biggest disadvantages of solitaire diamonds is that the center stone tends to be more exposed, which can lead to all sorts of damage. Inversely, halo rings tend to provide the center stone with more protection which most importantly translates to peace of mind and less risk of damage. 

4. Imperfections 

Woman With Diamond Halo Engagement Ring On

If you can only afford diamonds with a lower-quality clarity grade, then consider the fact that a halo can hide the imperfections of the center stone. This is possible because some inclusions appear in the outer corners of the stone, so a halo would be able to mask them. 

5. Price 

Ring With Emerald Cut Diamond And Diamond Halo

Even though halo rings tend to be bigger than solitaire rings, they can be more budget-friendly. That’s because the center diamond determines the price, not the entire ring. If you get a smaller-sized diamond with a halo setting, you can actually pay less than for a solitaire ring with a minor difference in carat weight. 

Definition of Vintage vs. Antique vs. Estate 

Three Delicate Diamond Engagement Rings Of Similar Style

If you want to buy a vintage halo diamond engagement ring, then you should know the difference between vintage, antique, and estate engagement rings. 

Vintage engagement rings are more than 50 years old but less than 100 years old. This category consists of rings made in the Art Deco, Retro, and Mid-Century eras as well as any rings made between 1950 and 1980.

Conversely, antique engagement rings are more than 100 years old, and they come from the Art Nouveau, Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras as well as the early Art Deco era.

Finally, for an engagement ring to be considered an “estate engagement ring” it simply must have been passed down from one generation to another, regardless of which period they originated. 

You can find vintage, antique, and estate diamond jewelry and engagement rings in estate stores, like Estate Diamond Jewelry.

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Vintage halo engagement rings have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and they will never go out of style. They offer timeless elegance, more options and combinations, and a charm that solitaire engagement rings simply don’t have. 

If you’re looking for a vintage halo ring you will love, Estate Diamond Jewelry offers a stunning collection of vintage halo engagement rings. Fill out the form below if you like one of the vintage halo engagement rings from this guide or if you have any questions about vintage halo rings.