Corporate Social Responsibility

R Systems International Limited (‘R systems/Company’) is committed towards bringing positive societal change through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and believes to work in a socially responsible way. The Company’s CSR policy and initiatives outline the vision, mission, thrust areas and key requirements as per the Schedule VII read with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The CSR Committee is a Board Committee consisting of following members:

  1. Mr. Amit Dalmia, Non-Executive Director- Chairman
  2. Mr. Kapil Dhameja, Non-Executive Independent Director- Member
  3. Mr. Animesh Agrawal, Non-Executive Director- Member


Project Approved by the Board of Directors

The CSR initiatives of the Company mainly focus on facilitating Research & Development on applied AI for Sustainable Systems and promoting Education.



R Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-Delhi) to further its commitment to AI.

  1. Indian Institute of Delhi (‘IIT – Delhi’) 

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is one of the 23 IITs created to be National Centres of Excellence for training, research and development in science, engineering, and technology in India. Established as the College of Engineering in 1961, the Institute was later declared as an Institution of National Importance under the "Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act, 1963" and was renamed as "Indian Institute of Technology Delhi'. Since its inception, more than 58,000 students have graduated from IIT Delhi in various disciplines including Engineering, Physical Sciences, Management, and Humanities & Social Sciences. Of these, 6,660 students graduated with Ph.D. degree and 19,387 students graduated with B.Tech. degree. The rest obtained Master’s Degree in Engineering, Sciences and Business Administration. In 2018, IIT Delhi received the special status of Institution of Eminence (IoE) from the Govt. of India, giving it greater autonomy in various matters, including hiring foreign faculty and starting collaborations with foreign institutions.

    Under this programme, it is proposed to setup a Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Applied AI for Sustainable Systems at IIT Delhi, which will include a cutting-edge research lab, the creation of an endowed faculty chair position, and the initiation of merit-based student scholarships. This initiative underscores the strategic priority of R Systems to promote innovation, enhance new-age skills, and develop deep tech through CSR Funding of the Company.

    The CoE will focus on advancing knowledge, promoting research and innovation, and nurturing future leaders in the field of technology, which consequently facilitate execution of multiple joint projects/ activities with R Systems as a corporate partner under one umbrella thereby enabling high level of sustained focus and commitment for social benefit. This initiative would prove to be a collaborative platform that will brings together industry experts, academicians and researchers to address critical challenges in the technology domain. The CoE may undertake research projects to develop innovative solutions and technologies, address pressing issues and support research and innovation.



Education is another core area of R Systems. In the area of Education, R Systems aims to support and provide financial assistance to schools and other institutions for the use or benefit of students.

Currently, R Systems has following programmes in the area of Education:

  1. Through PARAS INDIA (PAHAL Project)

    PARAS INDIA was established in 2007 with the aim to transform society by uplifting and dignifying the marginalized sections of the society. PARAS INDIA aims to empower the society in line with the tenets enshrined in our Constitution. PARAS INDIA is a national level non-governmental organization which is currently working in four states in India, namely, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi-NCR.

    PARAS INDIA through ‘PAHAL Project - an educational literacy program’, aiming at transforming lives within slum area in Delhi with series of quantitative objectives which includes but not limited to increase in literacy rate, reduce school dropout rate, Improved Academic Performance and Computer Literacy upliftment etc.

  2. Through Army Public School, Beas

    R Systems is providing education to the under privileged girls from Kashmir region studying in Army Public School, Beas.



R Systems always believes that it should contribute more to certain sections of the society, which are socially weaken and deprived. Continuing the journey of working for the wellbeing of society, it has following programmes:

  1. PARAS INDIA (Silai School)

    With the help of PARAS India, the Company is establishing “Silai Schools” for under privileged women living in slum areas of Delhi NCR. It is a community-based initiative with the aim of skilling rural and deprived women and empowering them to become entrepreneurs. Women are taught stitching and sewing skills to help them earn a livelihood in their respective communities.

  2. Missionaries of Charity

    Missionary of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa, with a mission to care the hungry, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society. R Systems has extended its support to the said cause for socially isolated, crippled and homeless children in association with Missionaries of Charity, Jeevan Jyoti Home, Delhi.




  1. Green Yatra

    Green Yatra is a leading environmental NGO of India. With the help of Green Yatra, we have planted 1300+ local native species of saplings through Miyawaki Afforestation in Delhi NCR.


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