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Enterprise Packaged Software & iPaaS

In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven business landscape, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-based Commercial off-the-Shelf Solutions (COTS) and diverse Integration Platforms (iPaaS) for operational efficiency. Our tailored services, spanning a range of COTS solutions like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Infor, Blue Yonder, and more, are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs. We excel in integrating various applications – be it COTS, custom-built, on-premises, or cloud/SaaS solutions – utilizing advanced tools such as Boomi and MuleSoft.

Serving a broad spectrum of industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing & Logistics, Telecom, M&E, Services, ISVs, and Hi-Tech, we align closely with our clients to offer bespoke services. Our approach is rooted in agility, enabling clients to redefine their business processes and enhance interactions across customers, suppliers, and employees. We provide consulting, project management, cloud enablement, implementation, and migration services with a steadfast focus on delivering value to your business.

Our packaged application integration experts elevate your customer satisfaction and enhance operational efficiency. We accelerate digital transformation by leveraging our strong partnerships with leading technology providers, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of innovation.

Service Offerings

Enterprise Packaged Software & iPaaS

Elevate your enterprise’s agility and capability with our tailored COTs and iPaaS services, offering everything from strategic advisory to full-scale implementation.

Advisory Consulting

Navigate your COTS and iPaaS landscape with our expert advisory consulting, ensuring strategic alignment and optimal performance.

Implementation and Customization

Transform your operations with bespoke implementations and customizations of enterprise packaged applications, tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Cloud Migration & Upgrades

Elevate your enterprise software to the cloud with seamless migration and continual upgrades, driving efficiency and scalability.

Data Migration and Integration

Seamlessly consolidate and integrate your data across platforms with our comprehensive migration services, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.

Analytics and Reporting

Leverage data-driven insights with our advanced analytics and reporting services, enhancing decision-making and business intelligence for your enterprise applications.

Maintenance, Support, and Managed Services

Ensure your enterprise applications perform at their peak with our end-to-end maintenance, support, and managed services, minimizing downtime and maximizing value.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

Business outcomes that we deliver

At R Systems, we specialize in implementing and integrating Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTs) and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions that serve as the bedrock for your enterprise operations, optimizing efficiency and resilience.

Our expertise in COTs and iPaaS ensures seamless integration across your enterprise applications, delivering improved system cohesion, uninterrupted availability, and dynamic scalability tailored to your operational needs.

With strategic planning and robust integration practices, our services protect against business disruptions, offering swift recovery from incidents to preserve data integrity and maintain continuous operations.

We accelerate the adoption of enterprise packaged applications, reducing the time from initiation to full-scale deployment, and enabling your business to respond rapidly to market and technological changes.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond implementation to continuous process optimization, ensuring your enterprise applications are not only reliable but also fine-tuned for maximum operational performance.

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Success Stories

Lead To Quote, Post Sales and Billing: Salesforce Implementation and Support

Customer 360 view provides better visibility into customer’s journey with ServiceTitan

Single platform to manage lead to quote, post sales and billing processes

Enhanced Sales productivity by 20%

Migrated from Spring CM to Salesforce CPQ for configuring and managing customer service agreements

Minimized errors and manual intervention in the billing processes

Dynamics365 Multiple Country Rollout

The integration solution ensure that a single piece of data is distributed to various departments, establishing a singular source of truth for all data.

Adoption of a unified system across all subsidiaries simplifies maintenance and support processes.

Dealing with a single partner streamline system support, leading to improve efficiency.

Jet Reports allows users to schedule and automate the generation of reports, saving time.

ERP for Aerospace Manufacturing

Standardization of processes on BOM, Supplier evaluation, multiple-site rollout etc.

Process Improvement on cost visibility, inventory aging, workflow approval etc.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Improved Customer Service

Cost Reduction

Better Quality Control

Enterprise iPaaS Implementation (Boomi)

Industry leading IPaaS integration capabilities resulting in significant business benefits

Use of Boomi MDH for data management, governance and single source of data

Automated many manual processes, reduced manual data entry and data discrepancies.

Increased operational efficiency, improved decision-making, more agile and responsive organization

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