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R Systems leads in tailored enterprise solutions for global telecom leaders, serving CSPs, OEMs, and telecom ISVs. Our suite covers core network operations, BSS solutions, and value-added services with a focus on reliability, achieving 99.999% uptime. Embracing 5G complexities, we deploy AI-powered observability, automated testing, and a full CI/CD approach, ensuring a smooth 5G transition.

In today’s telecom landscape, CSPs navigate the demand for bundled services, connectivity options like 5G FWA and fiber, and the evolving role in edge computing. R Systems aligns with this evolution by offering services like cloud-native network function migration, AI-powered monitoring, and automated testing suites for 3G, 4G, and 5G. By seamlessly combining observability, analytics, and cloudification, we facilitate a superior 5G transition, driving enhanced performance, revenue, and customer retention.

Media and Entertainment:

We assist broadcasters, service providers & media tech companies worldwide, in creating the most cost-efficient and engaging OTT/ TV applications; and components in the M&E ecosystem to provide a consistent and seamless experience across all the devices and platforms. We serve the media companies to help generate additional revenues by monetizing content through personalized advertisements.
With expertise across every discreet component in an end-to-end video delivery chain ranging from transcoding, content security to cross platform client apps, we have proven to be a trusted partner to build end-to-end next-gen media solutions like FAST channels & targeted ad platforms that engage viewers and generate more revenues. We follow a client-centric approach, whereby we create products that address the unique needs and challenges of each client.

Industry Segments

Transforming Telecom, Media, and Entertainment with Digital Innovation.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

R Systems delivers innovative solutions for CSPs, driving digital transformation with advanced analytics and tailored customer experience strategies

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We empower OEMs with cutting-edge product development support, streamlining operations and accelerating time-to-market for telecom hardware.

Telecom Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Our expertise in software development and integration helps Telecom ISVs to innovate rapidly, ensuring their solutions meet the evolving demands of the telecom sector.

Broadcasters and Service Providers

Building cost-effective, end-to-end next-generation media solutions that not only provide an engaging user experience but also drive additional revenues.

Media Tech

We provide Media Tech companies with robust technological solutions, empowering them to successfully navigate the digital media landscape and deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Service Offerings

Seamlessly transition network functions to cloud-native architecture.

Advanced network monitoring employing AI and machine learning for enhanced observability.

Digital product engineering across core network, VAS, OSS, and BSS for agile operations.

Automate comprehensive testing across 3G, 4G, and 5G networks with continuous integration and deployment.

Optimize revenue streams through targeted Ad monetization and accelerated FAST linear channels.

Enhance video delivery systems with adaptable cloud video SaaS solutions.

Engage audiences across diverse screens with versatile multiscreen TV Applications.

Efficiently manage studio operations with our tailored enterprise application for studio management.

Proficiency in creating, managing, and distributing content through various platforms to reach consumers effectively

Specialized in the development and customization of a comprehensive Video Content Management System (Video CMS) for IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) services

Products and Solutions

Empowering Telcos, Media and Entertainment Leaders

R Systems serves as a vanguard in the Telecom, Media, and Entertainment (TME) industry leaders, providing a suite of tailored products and solutions that help them tackle digital disruptions.

  • Testing suite solution.
  • Network monitoring and observability solution.
  • Customer lifecycle management solution.
  • Subscriber data management solution.
  • VoLTE service delivery platform.
  • Multi-Cloud customizable Content management platform.
  • Ad monetization solution
  • Studio management solution.
  • Media Player and Content Security
  • Transcoding, packaging and analytics platform
  • Wireless Multi-Room Audio System
Success Stories

A collaboration between a leading operator and OEM

Converted 10+ Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to Cloud-Native Functions (CNFs), enabling faster deployment and streamlined management.

Success Stories

Prominent global telecommunications provider.

Revamped customer lifecycle management apps for enhanced onboarding, subscriber lifecycle management, and revenue growth.

Success Stories

Major telecommunications provider in Europe.

Partnered with Microsoft for VoLTE Service Delivery Platform, enabling multiple telecom services.

Success Stories

IPTV and OTT Major in Benelux Region

Developed a complete TAD Live solution on STB device

Monetization via addressable advertisements – increased revenue.

Higher viewer satisfaction by serving them the most relevant ads/content.

Enable advertisers to achieve a much better return on investment as audiences are more likely to convert.

Success Stories

European Telecommunications and ICT Major

Designed and implemented a system to support the configuration of multiple delivery formats for each content via a single window.

Reduced operational and infrastructure costs.

Better user experience and Increase in subscriber base.

Ease of managing Hybrid devices.

R Systems Advantage

Leading the Way in Telecom, Media, and Entertainment Solutions

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within these telecom, media and entertainment industries, providing tailored solutions that blend emerging technologies with strategic insights.


By integrating observability, analytics, and cloud-based solutions, we facilitate a smooth 5G transition, boosting performance, revenue, and customer retention.

Expert TV Solutions

Our adept team, well-versed in TV ecosystems, delivers complex projects. From requirements gathering to seamless product launches, we stand by throughout the project lifecycle.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Our approach tailors solutions to individual client needs, optimizing for existing infrastructure and dependent systems. We prioritize cost-efficiency and swift market entry.

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