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Empowering, Revolutionizing, and Innovating the Public Sector with Cutting-Edge Technology!

We empower U.S. public services agencies with transformative decision-making capabilities. Grounded in innovation, our suite of advanced analytics, AI/ML, Gen-AI, and cloud-based solutions delivers actionable intelligence for meaningful impact. We are trusted partners of legacy modernization through strategic SaaS platform deployment, ensuring agencies operate at peak efficiency and are poised for scalable growth of their services. Our commitment extends beyond the digital landscape, enhancing the CX through personalized chat agents and CRM systems meticulously tailored to meet the sensitive needs of the public sector. We maintain a mid-sized entity’s agility and responsiveness while backed up by Blackstone. Our public services clients enjoy tremendous value without the hefty price tag often seen with larger systems integrators.

R Systems’ 18 global software delivery centers embody this blend of reach and affordability, making us a perfect match for government projects that demand fiscal prudence without compromising on quality. We have 25 years of success stories serving public services agencies with a core value of ‘care’ and an obsession with elevating customer satisfaction. R Systems’ teams go beyond fulfilling contractual obligations. To us, it’s about actively serving the ultimate objectives of our clients and their services.

R Systems, a Blackstone portfolio company, is redefining the landscape of modern businesses through technological innovations and their strategic implementation. With a global presence spanning the USA, India, Europe, and APAC. We specialize in Digital transformations, Product Engineering, Custom Applications, Mobility, Testing, QA, Project Management, and Knowledge Services.

Industry Segments

Enabling Technology Transformation Across Diverse Public Sector Agencies

Government Operations

We specialize in Government Operations and offer expertise in Pension Administration Systems, Fees and Tax Systems, and IT Governance.

Social Services

In Social Services, our focus lies in providing Insurance Claim Services portals, Digital self-service, BI Tools & Data Analysis, and Hospital and In-house Care Management Systems.

Correction Departments

Within the Correction department sector, our offerings include Automation Applications, Interim Parole Tracking Systems, and Ward Information Systems.


In the healthcare sector, we specialize in Case Management Systems, and HIPAA Services covering Assessment, Remediation, Privacy, Security, and Medicaid and Medical Systems.


In court management, we specialize in the Discrimination Complaint Activity Tracking System (DCATS) and offer comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting Solutions.

Environmental Protection

In the realm of environmental protection, we specialize in Audit & Certification Process Frameworks and Source Emission Tracking Systems.

Public Transportation

We offer Asset Management Systems, DMV eServices for Citizens, and Scheduling and Appointment portals in the public transportation sector.

Waste Management

Our solutions include Waste Management Systems, Recycling & Waste Reduction Solutions, and BI & Analytics for Forecasting.

Food & Agriculture

Our solutions include Salesforce public sector cloud solutions, implementation, and systems integration, and M&O support.

Service Offerings

R Systems delivers Next-Gen Governance Solutions that modernize public services through digitalization. Our services connect citizens with essential information, aid business growth, and enhance the efficiency of public authorities. We implement sophisticated online platforms that simplify administrative processes, enabling public sector entities to better serve communities and move into the future of governance.

Our Advanced Automation Solutions bring intelligent process automation to government, addressing resource management challenges and service delivery within tight budgets. R Systems employs technologies such as AI and ML to streamline government operations, enhance citizen services, and facilitate a more efficient government. We collaborate with clients to tailor automation strategies that fit their unique needs, improving outcomes for both agencies and the public.

R Systems specializes in Enterprise Applications and Low Code/No Code Platforms, bringing the power of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the public sector. We provide custom solutions that improve operational efficiency and citizen engagement. Our approach leverages the government cloud to deliver versatile, scalable, and secure enterprise applications, transforming the way public services operate.

Our Project Management and Oversight services ensure public sector projects are managed effectively from inception to completion. R Systems assesses client needs and objectives, providing strategies that encompass organizational change, governance, and technology enablement. With decades of experience, we establish PMO practices and tailor our approach to meet the distinct requirements of our clients.

R Systems’ QA Services elevate the reliability and performance of public sector software. Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments and applies automated testing frameworks to ensure your applications meet the highest standards. Partnering with us means a commitment to excellence, delivering software solutions that excel in quality and exceed user expectations.

Our Application Development service turns innovative ideas into reality with custom applications tailored for the public sector. R Systems utilizes the latest development tools and adheres to industry standards to create applications that offer engaging user experiences. We focus on creating solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future digital trends.

Through our Data, AI, and Analytics services, R Systems helps public sector clients unlock the full potential of their data. We develop comprehensive data strategies that include building and optimizing data lakes and warehouses, coupled with advanced analytics and AI to drive insights. Our generative AI expertise automates complex tasks, providing intuitive dashboards and reports that inform decision-making and improve public services.

R Systems’ Cloud Solutions provide the California public sector with robust AI applications and cloud-based environments optimized for AWS/Azure. We prioritize efficient AI-specialized compute resources and flexible business adoption environments. Our infrastructure supports a variety of data platforms and ensures stringent security measures to maintain the integrity and compliance of public sector data.

Success Stories

A health services provider for children in California.

Maintained and upgraded the Health Net system for one of the leading Children’s Services in California, ensuring HIPAA compliance. Served 170,000 children, facilitated swift medical case management across 58 counties, and provided online data access to 2,500 users.

Success Stories

A state-level legal and law enforcement entity based in California.

Revamped State-wide Investigative Networking Systems (SINS) for a law enforcement entity with a data warehouse, enhancing decision-making and inter-departmental communication.

Success Stories

The State Health Services Authority in California.

Revised and improved the Clinical Coordination and Health Education for Every Woman Counts Regions web application. Integrated new features, functionalities, and reports in compliance with the State Health Services Authority's requirements for Every Woman Counts program.

Success Stories

A California government agency overseeing environmental protection and regulation.

We provided Salesforce consultation, architecture alignment, and robust Request Tracking System implementation using Salesforce Government Cloud, integrating data systems, improving security, enhancing data-model efficiency, and optimizing business processes for improved customer experience.

R Systems Advantage

Enhanced CX for the Public Sector

Tailored Salesforce, CRM 365, and cloud solutions

Secure and Scalable IT

Uncompromised security and growth-ready solutions for the public sector's evolving needs.

Advanced Public Sector Tech Stack

Dynamic suite of cloud, CRM, AI/ML, analytics, automation, and security drives public efficiency and innovation.

Futuristic Public Sector Tech

AI, ML, and data analytics for next-gen efficiency

Project Excellence with Precision

Projects delivered flawlessly on schedule, and within budget. Always.

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