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In a world increasingly driven by SoCs and embedded technology, R Systems stands at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art embedded services. From firmware development to sophisticated applications for audio/video conferencing, gaming, and digital signage, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Our proficiency in Base Porting, Secure Boot, and Device Drivers—across Bare metal/RTOS—demonstrates our commitment to innovation and customer success. With rapid advancements in audio/video streaming and conferencing, our fusion of audio/video and cloud expertise delivers swift market entry, ensuring our clients capture and lead in their respective domains.

Service Offerings

Embedded Firmware Services

Unlock the full potential of your embedded devices with our specialized firmware services, from bootloader to OTA updates, ensuring cutting-edge performance and ironclad security. Experience seamless device integration and custom solutions that propel your products to the forefront of technological innovation.

Base Porting and Bootloader

Lay a robust foundation for your devices with our expert base porting and bootloader services, ensuring a secure and efficient system start-up.

Secure Boot

Fortify your device's security from the ground up with our secure boot services, safeguarding against unauthorized firmware and software.

Device Driver Development

Maximize hardware performance with our custom device driver development, tailored for seamless operation and compatibility.

CAS/CAM Integration for DVBS Set Top Box

Enhance broadcast security and access with our CAS/CAM integration services, tailored for DVBS set-top box systems.

Middleware Integration and Customization

Streamline your embedded systems with our middleware integration and customization, enabling flexible and powerful device operations.

Exposure to Different SOCs

Benefit from our extensive experience across diverse SOCs, delivering optimized performance and design for a variety of applications.

Bare Metal

Unlock the full potential of your hardware with our bare metal services, providing low-level control for high-performance demands.

Firmware and RTOS

Develop robust and reliable devices with our firmware and RTOS services, ensuring real-time operational excellence.

OTA Firmware Update Solution

Keep your devices current and secure with our OTA firmware update solutions, enabling hassle-free upgrades and patches.

Device & Applications Integrations

Connect your ecosystem with our device and application integration services, for a seamless and interconnected experience.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

Boosting Your Technological Edge with Advanced Embedded Software Services

R Systems ensures Uncompromised Security with Secure Boot to protect devices against unauthorized software and cyber threats.

Optimized Device Driver Development by R Systems guarantees enhanced device performance and compatibility.

Adaptive Middleware Solutions from R Systems offer flexible and scalable integration for various software environments.

R Systems’ Seamless OTA Firmware Updates provide efficient, reliable, and hassle-free software upgrades.

Integrated Device and Application Ecosystems by R Systems ensure harmonious operation and connectivity between devices and applications.

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Success Stories

A technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. They aimed to create a product tailored for broadcasting and live streaming.

End-to-End performance improvement

Delivered a convenient & cost-effective product

Intuitive UI experience

Entertainment & content creation company that delivers world leading mobile & casino games. They required development support in gaming and casino management

Embedded solution: For audio/video support for preview & playback

Partner integration

Media preview and playback support

A global leader in smart access solutions across residential and commercial spaces. They required to establish a Global Competency Center (GCC) through Build-Operate-Transfer model

Developed the brand recall for Chamberlain to attract right talent

Access to highly skilled resources and cost advantage

Focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives

Faster ramp-up

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