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We collaborate closely with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Hi-tech industry, which leverages our 30-year experience to offer tailored services that optimize portfolios, and accelerate New Product Introductions (NPI). Our expertise spans product development, portfolio management, and DevOps, ensuring efficient tech solutions for ISVs across various verticals like Tech, Health, Telco, Media, and Auto and more. By leveraging Outsource Product Development (OPD) services, we reduce product development costs, empowering ISVs to focus on core strengths while we handle intricacies, resulting in faster releases and sustained success.

Moreover, our services extend product lifespan, prioritize customer satisfaction, and expedite revenue realization. With Product Portfolio Management (PPM), we assist clients in freeing up resources from older versions to focus on new product activities. We also offer PPS- Product Professional Services, to accelerate revenue realization and employ DevOps practices to ensure faster and higher-quality product delivery.

Through our service offerings, we empower our clients to concentrate on their core business activities and cultivate a forward-thinking mindset. Our commitment to resilience and innovation ensures sustained success that lasts.

Industry Segments

Fueling ISVs with Cutting-Edge Tech


We empower technology ISVs with tailored services, streamlining product launches and optimizing portfolios.


Enhance e-commerce ISVs’ product lifespan and customer satisfaction while accelerating revenue through sustained innovation.


Our services enable telecom ISVs to focus on core strengths while we handle complexities, ensuring faster releases and sustained success.

Media & Entertainment

Accelerate product delivery and real-time monitoring to drive innovation for media and entertainment ISVs.


We facilitate efficient tech solutions for BFS ISVs, ensuring resource efficiency and sustained success in a competitive landscape.


Bridging legacy systems to future innovations, our services empower healthcare ISVs for sustained innovation and success.


For education ISVs, we prioritize customer satisfaction, real-time monitoring, and resource efficiency, fostering innovation.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Streamlining operations and accelerating product lifecycles, we empower manufacturing and logistics ISVs for sustained success.

Service Offerings

Leverage Outsource Product Development (OPD) for innovative solutions—new ideas, microservices, UI/UX, AI—for secure, modernized, cloud-based products.

1. New product development
2. Microservice based architecture
3. UI/UX design & micro-frontends
4. Modernize
5. Re-platform
6. Security & compliance
7. Cloudification and Saasification
8. AI integrations
9. Research and development

Sustain products, revenue, and customer satisfaction through Product Portfolio Management (PPM) for version control, support, and efficient upgrades.

1. Product sustenance
2. Revenue sustenance
3. Manage versions
4. Managing customer base
5. Continuous support (L1, L2, L3)
6. Version upgrade
7. SRE/DevOps
8. Release management

Efficiently implement and customize products, handle data migration, compliance, and testing with Product Professional Services (PPS).

1. Product implementation
2. Customization and integration
3. Data migration
4. QA & testing
5. Manage ramp up/down
6. Compliance & regulatory services

Optimize workflows with DevOps and automation: from CI/CD pipelines to compliance, monitoring, and cost efficiency.

1. Assessment, planning & advisory
2. Enabling CI/CD pipelines
3. DevSecOps & compliance
4. Observability & monitoring
5. FinOps & cost optimization
6. Real-time dashboards
7. Documentation and training
8. Telemetry integration

Enabling streamlined operations and efficiency through intelligent process automation, including AI-driven test automation and conversational assistants.

1. Process assessment and discovery
2. Process automation
3. Conversational assistants
4. NCLC application development
5. AI-based test automation

Leveraging advanced data and analytics services, encompassing assessment, mining, management, AI/ML capabilities, Gen AI and robust data security solutions.

1. Data & analytics services
2. Data – assessment, mining, management and security
3. AI/ML services
4. Data connectors
5. Gen AI

Success Stories

A leading automotive ISV company

Consolidated 5 products into ONE platform to seamlessly manage dealerships, customers, OEMs, and third parties, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing adoption rate by 25%.

Success Stories

A market leader in Association Management Software (AMS) solutions.

Developed a video streaming platform using WebRTC for quick Cloud-based encoding, enabling live broadcasts on diverse channels. The outcome involved enhanced performance, swift OTT-channel deployment in 10 minutes, and an intuitive interface.

Success Stories

AI-based document processing solutions provider.

Created an AI-driven solution for automated document processing, enabling data extraction and classification. Achieved 80%+ ML accuracy and superior multilingual performance.

Success Stories

A market leader in Association Management Software (AMS) solutions.

Oversaw 4 product generations, transformed into SaaS, saved $5M in operating costs, managed 200+ clients globally.

Success Stories

An American smart, sustainable water treatment company.

Collaborated on managing diverse smart water products from water filtration to water flow & controller, boosting customer satisfaction by 25%.

Success Stories

A leading telecom OEM

Managed over 20 custom products across their lifecycle, cutting deployment costs by over 40% and handling 600 million Wi-Fi access points.

Success Stories

A top-tier global powerhouse in media and entertainment.

Implemented DevOps for streaming platforms, cutting costs by 50% and enhancing performance, scalability and reliability.

Success Stories

A marketing technology company.

Ensured AWS infrastructure compliance via DevOps, achieving FIPS Level 3, SOC 2.

Success Stories

A global leader in consumer electronics and software.

Provided full lifecycle support for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) products across 2000+ factories globally, cutting engineering costs by 50%.

Success Stories

A leading enterprise software and information solutions provider.

Facilitated cloud migration for 5 products, supporting 30,000 customers globally, ensuring cost optimization.

Success Stories

A leading technology corporation specializing in software, hardware, and cloud services.

Revamped Telco service delivery platform, delivering cloud-ready solutions, reduced time-to-market for CSPs.

R Systems Advantage

R Systems: Driving Product Innovation for Your Competitive Edge

For ISVs, Hi-Tech, R Systems offers innovation-driven solutions amplifying product performance and market relevance.

Tailored Solutions, Efficiency through Expertise

Our product engineering expertise enables ISVs to swiftly launch products and manage portfolios for faster market entry.

Thrive in the Digital Era

Real-time monitoring and resource efficiency empower ISVs to thrive in the competitive digital landscape, fostering innovation and growth.

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